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Australia Import Duty and Import GST Calculator

Import Calculator

If you are planning to import goods and other items to Australia You must be prepared for the essentials such as the payment of taxes and import duties. What is their purpose, and how much do you need to pay, and what are the other factors that affect the amount of the duties you pay? This import calculator will assist you in finding the answer.

FOB Value

Imported Goods that arrive via shipping by sea or air with free on board (FOB) value less than AUD $1,000.00 is cleared through the submission of the SAC (Self-assessment cleared) declaration.

Imported Goods having an FOB value of more than $1,000.00 AUD need to be cleared through customs by submitting an electronic or manual customs declaration for importation and paying any applicable duty/taxes.

You can hire a certified customs broker who can lodge an SAC clearance and a formal entry clearance on your behalf for which they cost a modest cost.

After being officially engaged, by filling out and submitting an LOA (Letter of Authorization) The customs officer will begin to coordinate the processing of your imported items through customs and Quarantine.

It is highly recommended to employ a customs agent licensed to file the customs entry on your behalf, since they are knowledgeable about the process of classification. They can also give advice on ATC's (Tariff concessions) and free trade agreement that might have a bearing on your items.


Import Duty: General 5% of FOB Value.

Import GST: 10% of (FOB Value + Freight Cost + Insurance Cost + Custom Duty Paid)

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