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Pashmina Wholesale | High quality Pashmina shwals & scarves.

Global Tradelines is one of the largest wholesalers of pashmina scarf & shawls products. We welcome orders from businesses of all sizes, including wedding companies and retail businesses. Our wholesale program offers high-quality scarves and other accessories. Each scarf is handmade using grade A materials. We have a large inventory of high-quality pashminas scarfs & shawls.

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The Pashmina trade heavily relies on high-altitude pastures in Ladakh, Tibet and Central Asia. In 1663, a French diplomat named Francois Bernier travelled to Kashmir with the Emperor Aurangzeb. The tripartite settlement he negotiated included an important clause on the supply of Pashm to Srinagar.

Pashmina is a fine, lightweight wool that is used to manufacture scarves and shawls. It is extremely soft and is a versatile fashion accessory. It can be worn with anything from classic-cut suits to designer shoes. It is also easy to spin into thick or thin yarns.

Kashmir Pashmina is a luxurious, yet delicate material. It is extremely soft and can be cleaned easily. The wool from this region is produced organically, meaning that the goats are not harmed during the processing. It is then hand woven using traditional techniques. When properly cared for, Kashmir Pashmina will provide warmth and softness that you'll never find in other materials.


We are committed to keeping the dying craft of traditional handicraft & crafting skills alive. So, our products are hand-woven with great care for detail.

Animal Friendly

The treatment of animals and the natural environment with respect is of paramount importance to us. We take note of the conditions of living and the treatment of wool when we choose our raw material suppliers.


When we select our finest wool, we ensure that only the highest quality and softest wool is selected. We will never compromise on the quality of the wool, and we prefer not to accept the order than delivering an inferior product to our customers.

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