What is Pashmina? Shawls, Scarfs for Men & Women

If you’re looking for a warm winter shawl, consider a pashmina shawl. This fine wool is made from the undercoat of high-altitude mountain goats. You can find them in a variety of colors and thicknesses. Most of these shawls are two-ply, which is the standard thickness for cold weather. However, you can also find lighter single-ply versions, which tend to have a higher silk content.

Cashmere goats produce pashmina

The cashmere goat breed grows a super-fine undercoat at high altitudes so that the wool is silky and soft. Its fibres are 8 to 10 microns wide, making it ten times finer than human hair and eight times warmer than sheep wool. This wool is the softest and most expensive in the world.

Pashmina is a luxurious fibre from the inner coat of cashmere goats, which grows in the spring. It is brushed to achieve a finer, longer, and softer fibre. The goats live at over 4600 m above sea level and are often brushed to prevent shedding and to protect the financial success of their herd.

High quality wool

Pashmina wool is made from a goat, and it is extremely fine. It is combed three or four times before it is spun into yarn. This is a laborious process that takes years of patience and dedication. The women in a Pashmina weaver’s family have perfected their spinning techniques over generations. After cleaning the pashm and spinning it, they create a thread that is fourteen microns thick and very delicate.

Pashmina is very soft, and it is often referred to as the “Golden Fiber” by Persians. It is also three times more insulating than other types of wool. Because it is so fine, the Persians named it “Golden Fiber.” The word Cashmere describes very fine wool, and Kashmir Pashmina is the finest type of Cashmere.

The undercoat of Changthangi Goats

Pashmina is a very soft fiber made from the undercoat of Changthangi or Changpa goats. This material is usually a deep black color, but it can also be white. The undercoat is collected by combing the goats’ coats, not by shearing them. This technique results in a higher quality fleece.

The inner coat of the goat re-grows during the winter and is prepared for elicitation in the spring. Pashmina is a luxury product, and therefore quite expensive. You should beware of imitations or cheap versions. Usually, a Pashmina Shawl made from this material costs hundreds of dollars. The fabric is durable, but requires care to preserve its beauty.

Why is Pashmina in high demand?

Pashmina Art refers to the collection of the highest quality Cashmere in the area of Ladakh in a variety of styles, including Cashmere Scarves, Cashmere Wraps as well as Pashmina Shawls. The valley grants the most exquisite Cashmere the highest quality Art of Pashmina. The uniqueness of the artisans creates top-quality accessories. Eco-friendly, ethically produced, the best Cashmere is a source of inspiration and imagination in Pashmina Art. The various styles and designs are a part of the fashion world. The distinctiveness of luxurious fashion delights all wearers with its hues of imagination and skills. Furthermore, the tenacity and precision of the craftsmen are crucial. Additionally, the legacy is shared with all the works from Pashmina Art.

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